Some days I just drink coffee, sit around and skate a little bit, but usually if I’m serious about skating, I’m doing all types of shit. I ride an exercise bike, I stretch every day, I drink water, take vitamins, have protein shakes and all types of stuff, every day.

 ­­– Andrew Reynolds

feel fresh.

Do you remember what it felt like when you'd go for a skate and your body feeling fresh was a normal thing? When your legs didn't ache before you started skating and it didn't take 30 minutes of warming up before you felt semi okay? Well, it might not be a thing of the past. This section will smother your brain with ways to get your body feeling as good as it did when you were younger. And to the young bastards that can still skate daily, pain free and with unlimited energy, you don't have to leave, the stuff in this section will not only improve your skating but keep you feeling good for much longer.

Pretty Sweet dropped in 2012, that means Guy Mariano was 37 at the time his part was released, 37! If you're on the more extreme end of the haggard spectrum you're probably sitting there thinking "I'll be lucky if I can even walk at 37, let alone film a part like that". The question that obviously follows then is, how? Although there aren't many pros talking about it, every now and then we're getting glimpses of the secret to the elixir of youth and it may not be as magical as you may have assumed. We're slowly starting to see and hear about older pros doing things for their skating outside of skating itself. Reynolds (whose Made Chapter 2 part also dropped at age 37) is another hallowed one that possesses the secret. In an interview he says:

I started riding my exercise bike, rolling on a foam roller, doing all these things I had learnt, like little things for my skating. And I would do this every day for about an hour and a half, pouring with sweat in my room just so I could feel better when I skated. I felt the best I had ever felt in my entire life, but I had to work for it, when you’re 19 you don’t have to work for it, when you’re 30+ if you can do that, you can feel like that again.

 ­­– Andrew Reynolds

The secret isn't steel kneecaps or wearing lycra pants and pumping weights in the mirror, it's just being aware that your body isn't an invincible machine and needs some maintenance to keep running as good as it can, especially when it's put through something as intense as skateboarding. Every skateboarder will eventually arrive at a crossroad where The Skate Troll will present them with a predicament: If you want to keep skating past your 20s and actually feel good whilst doing it you either have to start putting in some effort to take care of your body or do nothing and watch it slowly decompose and sentence you to a life of weekend mini ramp and no-comply sessions. Unless you're a test-tube baby with some mutant super-genes, you don't have many other options.

Jerry Hsu & Kevin 'Spanky' Long getting a stretch on

Going as ham as Reynolds isn't compulsory although you'd definitely feel amazing if you did, but just choosing to add some small, new habits like warming up and stretching will have some big positive effects on your skating and how you feel.

Click around the different sections and try out the different things. Don't try something one time and then complain that it hasn't helped, make these things a habit and try them for at least a month or 2 before you knock them. Everyone's body is different so if something else helps you, do it! Don't be scared to mix things up and change them around depending on what works best for you and what makes you feel best.


You're now initiated into the secret practice (that's totally not secret anywhere other than the skate world) of how to take care of your body, don't blow it!