Feb 17, 2018

Mobile phones and testicular cancer




My friend have 2 teenage boys who constantly carry their mobile phones in their front trouser pockets. Do I need to be concerned about the possibility of them getting testicular cancer from this? You read so much in the press but whenever I mention it to them they brush it off as me being a nag!



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Nov 9

For about a year before my dx, I regularly had my laptop literally in my lap... feeling the battery get hotter... it crossed my mind more than once at the time that perhaps that had something to do with the trigger, but to this day I have not found anything to back that up. Didn't think about that for a while(probably almost 2yrs) till I read this

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    Nov 13, 2017

    How do your diets look? Is there anything you stopped/started eating that made a big difference to how you feel and how you skate?


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