Nov 6, 2017

Jump when skating

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I know everybody which will read now the title will think "it's logical to jump on a skateboard when you try a trick, what an idiot" but this tip helped me acutally a lot.


I noticed that when i tried to learn 360 flips. I just couldn't really do it or just scoop it weirdly on the floor(flat). But then a friend told me "dude try to jump" and i was like "wtf ? i jump all the time".


So i tried it and omg this tip was sooo helpful. Since that day i acutally know how to 360 flip. My mistake was that i was just jumping forward and not up. I was jumping all the time but wrong.


So remember guys just jump up and with jump i mean the right way haha :D


I hope i could help some of you guys out there



Nov 13, 2017

Yeh jumping makes a big difference! I've been trying to get 360 flips for like 10 years no joke haha. One thing that really helped me is trying to lift my front foot up a tiny bit before I pop to give the board more space to rotate underneath me. Before I started to do this my front foot would always slow the rotation down.


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