Keeping my body in good health is one of the most important things to me.

 ­­– Guy Mariano

I thought I'd slip in an extra section with some random little nuggets of info that will help you feel even creamier.

take breaks.

I'm terrible at taking breaks when I'm skating and often go for hours without stopping. If you're trying to get a trick, having a break can put you completely out the zone, however, a break could actually help you get it. Having a quick break just for a couple of minutes is a solid way to recharge your energy and let your muscles recover. 

Torey Pudwill sleeping

Torey Pudwill snoozin' mid-sesh

visit a physio.

If you're feeling regular stiffness, pain, weakness and nothing you're trying is helping you feel better then hitting up a physiotherapist would be a good idea. Nearly everyone has some kind of little schnaggle that's stopping their body from working at it's optimal level and these people are - if you research to find a good one - masters of telling you what you need to do to fix it. Don't go to a physio that focuses on pensioners, search for one that works with athletes and more active people or you might be told walking to the shop to buy your butter is all you need to feel better.

more coming soon...