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Overcome fear, learn faster and build mental & physical resilience for skateboarding.

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This workshop is for you if you’re someone who’s looking to skate at your best and reach your full potential, but you:

  • feel like you’re learning slow or not locking in new tricks,
  • struggle to overcome fear and commit to tricks you know you can do
  • feel as if you run out of energy quick and you don’t have the pop, power or endurance to skate how you want,
  • and all this makes you question whether you can actually get where you want with skating, or that maybe you’re getting old…
  • OR you just want to know how you can work on your body, mind, and learning to improve your skating,


You'll learn countless tips you can start applying from day 1 on how to work on all these issues, & ultimately how to skate better, feel better on your board & learn tricks faster. 

  • How to develop a resilient “skate mindset” and “inner power” to reduce fear, stress and increase commitment
  • Ways to enhance learning so you lock in tricks faster
  • How to use nutrition to keep you energised, recover well, and improve wellbeing
  • How to recover well so you can skate more, learn faster and keep your body adapting to skating
  • Why resistance training is essential for skate longevity and feeling on point on your board
  • Why just skating isn’t enough if you want to skate at your best for as long as possible
  • And what so many pros and skaters of all levels are already doing to enhance how they skate and feel on their boards.
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