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SkateLife 2.0  | The Advanced Performance Development course

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Photo: Malo Dognin @tradaskatemag

Empowering you with the tools and skills to break through the physical and mental blocks holding you back from your best skating.

A 12 week advanced skate performance development course teaching you the essential tools for skate progression, in actionable steps that can be integrated into your everyday lifestyle.









Who is this course for?

Dedicated skaters ready to admit they're athletes & reach their full potential.


Skaters dreaming of going pro, skating in big comps or just stacking excessive clips.

Any skater looking to improve their habits to feel better on and off the board.

A course built so that you can...

  • Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how to build consistent, quality nutrition habits that power your skating and wellbeing, in a way that works for your lifestyle.
  • Know how to properly fuel your sessions & recovery.
  • Understand why we need to train for skateboarding & how to build a consistent training habit that doesn’t negatively impact your skating.
  • Have increased skate-specific strength, stability, power, endurance & movement quality through 12 weeks of skate-focused resistance training.
  • Know how to recover optimally for skating so you can maintain a higher quality of skating.
  • Have acquired and started using tools to develop a resilient "skate mind" or "inner power" - to handle fear, gain confidence & manage unavoidable discomfort and resistance that holds you back in skateboarding and life.
  • Understand how your body, mind and external environments are interconnected and how to start optimising them for your benefit.
  • Learn how to take action & integrate these changes into your life so you can continue to kill it long past the end of this course.
  • Understand how to build systems that help you progress towards other goals after this course.
  • Have acquired a variety of tools that help your skate performance, trick learning, fear resilience and more.


The course format

  • Live workshops (recorded live if you can’t make it)

  • 100% online so you can get involved anywhere in the world

  • Taught directly by The Daily Push founder & Skate Performance Specialist - Matt Beare.

  • Full support from Matt: in between the workshops you'll be able to reach out to get help or ask any questions as you need either in the group community space or by direct message.​

  • Private app for workouts & tasks delivered

  • Additional content and worksheets to assist your development

  • Community space for accountability, support, sharing, lols & to boost the learning process.

  • Semi-personalised formatThe course has a specific structure and order we’ll work through together, but the way you work on each skill and implement it into your life will be personalised for and decided by you (your involvement in the change process makes it much more effective).

  • Flexible workouts you'll complete the workouts in your own time when they work best for you.  (You'll be doing  the upgraded & improved NBD skate performance workout program - check FAQ at end of page if you've already done the NBD program).

  • Small group format - only 12 spots available!

How much commitment
is needed

  • 12 weeks starting 2nd September 2022 (next course won't be until next December)

  • ~1-1.5 hour workshops every 2 weeks (recordings sent out if you miss them)

  • ~2x1 hours of resistance training each week

  • Extra time for small tasks that develop the different skills we'll work on - e.g. adding protein to your meals, visualisation, filling out worksheets & review forms, etc. (The idea is not to overwhelm you with a load of extra stuff on top of what you already do, it's to blend it into your lifestyle as best we can, but it will still take some extra time commitment, especially in the beginning.)

  • You need to be ready, willing and able to make change in your life. (Although we'll work together to make this as easy and doable for you, you need to be at a point in your life where you're ready for something like this.)


The goal of this course is to teach you the tools and skills to break through the physical and mental blocks holding you back from your best skating.

There's a myth in the skate world that to get better at skating you just need to skate more and work on your pinch, and yes, that's a massive part of it, but there's a better way, based on the idea of "deep-performance".


Deep-performance means that reaching your full skate potential depends not only on how much you skate, but also on many areas of life - physical, mental, environmental, etc.


This is important because each area is connected and making deep-change in one, can impact the others. For example, if the environment is right, you'll probably skate better. If your physical health improves, it's likely your mental health will too, and vice versa. 


It's a whole person, whole life approach to skateboarding performance, and one many pros are starting to go for.

Some of the main areas of deep-performance we'll be focusing on:


Nutrition plays a role in everything - from feeling energised during long sessions, recovering well, mental health, aging & your entire being functioning on point.

Resistance training

Skateboarding puts an insane amount of stress on the body. Training can raise the threshold of what our body can handle and better prepare us for this stress, making skating cause less damage, speeding up recovery, reducing injury risk & increasing longevity. It can also enhance our capacity to skate better by improving things like balance and pop.


The cliché "skating is mostly mental" exists for a reason. Mindset will make or break anything you do in life, especially skating. Why? Because you are going to face resistance and discomfort, whether it's committing to a trick or to a new habit. As we often can't avoid these things, the better solution is to work on our capacity to handle them using different deep-performance tools.


Recovery is when your body restores itself, rebuilds and locks in new tricks. Purposeful recovery is often overlooked in the skate world, but if you're not recovering well, you're seriously holding yourself back.

Skate rat & athlete harmony

This is going to blow your mind... but you can be a skate rat and an athlete at the same time... In fact, they have nothing to do with each other.
This course isn't about changing everything about your life - putting you in some Lycra speedos and having someone scream at you with a whistle. It's about taking skills from the world of athletes and sports performance, and blending them with skateboarding and your lifestyle.
It's not about changing how you actually skate, or taking away the freedom and creativity of skating, it's about taking care of and preparing yourself physically and mentally to skate at your best and to do it as long as possible.
After all, if these are your goals, accepting you're at least in part an athlete is the only way, as P-Rod said:
Paul Rodriguez:

"The progression of skating is just evolving so quickly right now and ... guys are realising the stuff we're doing is requiring a lot from us physically and I think collectively as skaters we're starting to realise we are athletes. We're kind of embracing ourselves finally as athletes, whereas before it was like we always fought against that like "nah I'm a skater, not an athlete." But it takes an athleticism to do what we're doing, you have to take care of yourself, you have to treat yourself like an athlete or you're not going to last very long."

A course focused on taking action

Change is hard, you know it, I know it, and one of the things that makes the SkateLife 2.0 course special, is that it's about taking action and making change easier.


You won't just be sitting through a lecture listening to some boggle overload you with information, leaving you confused with no idea how to implement what you learned - you can get that treatment with a Google search or by asking Jeeves.


Instead, we'll work on integrating these tools and skills into your life in a way that works for you.

skills, practices, actions framework

From day 1 we'll start making change and working on building different skills. The way these skills are structured and broken down is using something called the "goals, skills, practices, actions framework".


The way this works is we identify what skills you need to reach the goal of skating at your best, by asking two main questions:


"what are the main blocks holding someone back from skating as good as they could?", and


"what are the skills needed to overcome these blocks and skate at their full potential?"


From a deep-performance perspective there are many different skills we can work on to build the physical and mental realms, like 'resistance train consistently', 'eat enough nutrients''develop a growth mindset', etc.

Once we know what skills we need, we can break them down into different small actions that allow us to practice these skills and become the kind of person we need to be to achieve the goals we have.

This allows us to go from a massive, overwhelming, unmanageable goal to a manageable one with a process we can follow.

Who this course
isn't for

  • This isn't for someone who's looking to learn the basics of how to actually ride a skateboard. You should already have some experience skating.

  • This isn't for someone who isn't ready, willing or able to make change.

  • This isn't for someone who just wants a meal plan or to be told what to do. This is about teaching you the habits so you can carry this stuff on long after the end of the course. When you play a role in choosing what you do, it makes the change process much more effective.

  • This isn't for someone who wants quick fixes and expects their life changed in 12 weeks. Put in the effort and you'll get great results in 12 weeks, but the purpose of this course is to set you up with a solid foundation of reliable habits that support your skate performance and wellbeing so you can continue to progress and build on them long after this course is over.

  • This isn't for someone who doesn't skate or doesn't really care about skateboarding.

  • This course isn't for you if you have any physical or psychological health conditions or are taking any medication that can be affected by exercise, nutrition, mindset work. Consult with a medical professional if you're unsure if this is you.

  • Anyone under the age of 18 - you must be at least 18years old to do this course.

Who's running
this shit

matt black and white.jpg

This course is run by Matt Beare (NSCA-CPT, PNL1) - the founder of The Daily Push & skateboarding performance specialist.

Matt has twenty years experience skating and five years experience working in the skateboarding performance realm and training skateboarders.

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If you have any questions about anything, send me a message in the chat on this page or email me at


Although we'll be using strategies to make change easier and I'll do my very best effort to support you and make this work for you, your results will depend on many different variables including how much effort you put in.


This course also isn't promising to turn you pro, get you last part in a video, or get you 1st place at the Olympics, and I'm not implying at any point that it is. We're not working on the actual specifics of learning tricks or the technicalities of skating itself. Instead, we're focusing on building skills and characteristics that will increase your ability and capacity to skate at your best - raising the bar of what you're capable of.

There's a full 14 day money back guarantee, so if at any moment in the first 14 days you decide this course isn't for you, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.


If you pay for the whole course upfront, you'll get a full refund. If you're paying monthly, this applies to the first month only, and you'll only be able to cancel following month payments. E.g. if you cancel in week 6, you can cancel the 3rd month payment.

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