There’s a push towards training and working out. It can only elongate your career. When did being healthy and playing an active role in your health become uncool? What’s not cool is being injured all the time.

 ­­– Dr Dave Sales (physiotherapist of a lot of the pros in L.A.)


Popping like a G is something every skater wants to be able to do, I mean why wouldn't you want to have big pop, unless you're skating in a cave with a low roof it's only going to be beneficial. Some people are just born with it - the entire population of Brasil, I'm looking at you - some work for it, and many think it's something you can't change. For those who don't naturally have big pop, this section will teach you the secrets to unlock it.

acquiring g-pop.

When it comes to increasing your pop you obviously need to first be able to jump higher. Part of the secret to jumping higher is increasing your strength and teaching your body to utilise it as quick as possible. If increasing your pop a lot is something you really want to do, you should really consider joining a gym. In terms of increasing power and pushing yourself to your limits, bodyweight exercises can only take you so far.

During all of these exercises - and well, any exercise you ever do - you should try and do them with the best form you can. Your body posture makes a big difference to how efficient it is at generating power and if you make sure it's solid whilst doing these exercises, you'll see better results and it will carry over to your skating.


Before you start focusing on power or plyometric exercises you should already have at least 3 months of resistance training under your belt. These exercises put a lot of stress on your body and the movements you need to do require a lot of skill so haven't that foundation is crucial. If you haven't already been doing any strength training for skateboarding you should check that section first. For the biggest impact on your power you have to think about things on a long term scale; once you've got that resistance training base, it's best to go through about 2-4 weeks of hypertrophy training (increasing your actual muscle size), followed by 2-5 weeks of strength training (increasing your max strength), followed by 2-4 weeks of power training (where you start moulding your strength for power) - power being how fast you can use your strength.

For the power exercises you should follow the same instructions as for the strengthening exercises except focus on moving as fast as you can with lower weight and lower rep ranges. More info coming soon...


exercise list coming soon

Until I have time to shoot some pictures of exercises, you can add weights to the following exercises from the bodyweight exercises page:

  • rear foot elevated split squat

  • lateral squat

  • single leg squat to & from box

  • single & double leg hip bridge


What you need to train alongside power is the ability to use it as quick as possible. To do so you can do different jumping exercises like plyometrics - a technique that trains your muscles to fire faster by stretching them before immediately contracting, kind of like a slingshot. Plyometrics alone will only take you so far though and unless you work on increasing your strength and power as well, you'll get to a point where you stop progressing.

You should only do a few plyometric exercises per session with about 2-4 sets of up to 3 repetitions along with a 2 minute break in between sets. Only go onto the next set if you no longer feel tired, and if you start slowing down during a set, lower the reps, as you only want to be practising fast movements. 

jumping and plyometrics.

exercise list coming soon

Until I have time to shoot some pictures of plyometric exercises you can use the ones in this video. It's a solid video that I've personally gone through many times.


Some will probably require the mute button.


Another important aspect of jumping higher and increasing your pop is actually going out there and trying to pop higher. Dedicate a part of your session to trying to pop higher and apply different parts of the strengthening exercises to your skating. Some things you can try are:

  • Squatting down lower and faster when popping your tricks

  • When you pop a trick snap your board harder and quicker into the ground

  • Keep your body evenly distributed over your board

  • Lift your knees to your chest

  • Use your arms - you can get extra momentum by the way you move your arms 

This point might touch a sensitive spot but if you're carrying some extra lard it's only going to hold you down whilst you try to jump. Lose some weight and you'll instantly pop higher.


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