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A hot-pocket is something that will heal by itself in probably 2-3 weeks, if you don’t keep skating and risk hitting it again. 

 ­­– Jeroen Stam


By Jeroen Stam (@skateboardphysio) and Matt Beare

One type of hot-pocket is caused by aggressive rubbing between the leg and pocket of the roller pusher. High levels of friction cause rapid heating of the pocket which can often result in extreme chafe and burns to the leg. One of the most reliable solutions for this problem is removal of the pants and insertion of the pocket into a puddle.

Another type of hot-pocket is a pain felt at the front of the ankle joint, which comes about from rapidly and forcefully bending your foot back towards your shin, for example, when you land flat footed down some stairs and all your weight goes forward over your ankle joint, or you land on a ledge without your board and your heel drops quickly. What causes the pain is one of the bones in your foot bumping into one of the bones in your shin, or some bone bumping into a ligament, which creates something similar to a bruise.

That reason hot-pockets often keep coming back and take so long to heal is usually because you return to skating too soon, before the bruise is completely healed, and you hit it again.

Your average hot-pocket will usually heal by itself within about 2-3 weeks, as long as you give it enough rest by staying off your board. If you really have to skate, a laced brace can offer some protection, but the motion that caused the hot-pocket in the first place occurs in almost every moveme