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I just gotta do whatever I can to get tricks.

- Andrew Reynolds

the daily push skate progression podcast.

The long-awaited Daily Push Skate Progression Podcast has arrived! This podcast is going to be an extension of The Daily Push, going deeper into everything The Daily Push is already about. 

This podcast will be dedicated to keeping you skating as long as you possibly can, dropping knowledge to improve how you feel on your board, knowledge to improve how you skate, to avoid injuries, and much more. Made and run by skaters: Matt Beare - founder of The Daily Push and personal trainer (@the.daily.push) and Seb Brandon - strength & conditioning coach (@sebastian_performance).

programming your skating to constantly progress &  feel on point | episode 1.

Programming is something that all professional athletes and professional sports use. It's a pretty simple concept that's essential if you want to maximise your progression and avoid aches and pains. All skaters are doing some kind of programming already, if they're aware of it or not, but by applying the things we talk about in this podcast you'll learn how you can take it to the next level without even changing much about your skating. And don't worry programming won't mean you have to skate less, if you do it right, you should be able to skate more!

Resources from the podcast:

The Programming & Recovery Sheet

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