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If I stretch and take care of myself, I can skate every single day.

 ­­– Andrew Reynolds

post-skate stretching.

So people often think of stretching after exercise or after skating as some kind of magical healing technique that repairs your muscles and reduces any muscle pain. However, in reality this isn’t actually true; the research is pretty solid to show that stretching doesn’t help actually repair your muscles in any way, but, this doesn't mean it doesn't have any benefits.


You should think of stretching after your session as more of a cool-down kind of thing, something that brings your body back to balance and restores it to its relaxed pre-session state. It can also help you maintain your flexibility by restoring any flexibility you might have lost during your session, along with reducing muscle spasms, and any kind of cool-down is good for gradually reducing your body’s fight or flight mechanisms. Stretching also just feels dam good so there might be more benefits yet to be discovered by science, which might even be just placebo, either way if it feels good to you, keep on doing it.

Another option which has more science backing it's value in recovery is foam rolling, and for more tips on how to recover after a session check out the recovery page.

The list of stretches below is just a short one that you can blast out quickly for the main muscles you use when skating.

how to stretch after you skate.

  • Always make sure you've warmed up before you stretch.

  • Think of stretching after your session as a cool-down/relaxation kind of thing.

  • Don't force any extreme stretches - stretch within your normal range of motion.

  • You don't want to feel any pain, just a nice, light stretch. If you feel any pain, stop and ease off the stretch.

  • Move slow into each stretch.

  • Breathe deep as you stretch.

  • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat two or three times for each side.

Below are some of the best stretches for skateboarding that stretch all of those key muscles you use when you skate.

post-skate stretching.

calf stretch