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The NBD Skate Performance 12 week program

The training program that will enhance how you skate and feel on your board,
straight from your living room.


Level up your consistency, confidence, pop, stability,  strength. Reduce injury risk, less aches & pains and all round better skating.

12 weeks of skate-focused training

2 training sessions/week

Detailed videos for each exercise

No special equipment needed

For all levels of skaters

2 week money back guarantee

Plus all these bonuses • 12 week flick training program • Full-body mobility / stretch routines • Exclusive extra content • Nutrition & recovery guide • Goal setting & habit building guide • Private community area

Instant access to the full program

$79.99 (USD)

One time payment

Lifetime access

Pay per month access to the full program

$29.99 (USD)

Pay per month for 3 months

Lifetime access after 3rd payment

Best value

Why sign up for the NBD program?

Skate, move & feel better

Workouts designed to help you skate at your best, to move better, unlock tightness, feel lighter & all round better on/off your board.

Minimise injury risk & pain

Training designed to target and bulletproof high risk areas of common skate injuries & pain.

Designed for convenience

Designed to fit into a busy schedule and be done anywhere with no equipment  (Just items you'll have in your house, e.g. chairs).

Train like a pro

Exercises chosen based on what works - picked from 1 on 1 experience training skaters and the latest sports-science research.

Increase confidence & reduce fear

A body prepared leads to a mind prepared for skating. You'll reinforce your body & mind so you commit to more tricks you know you can do.

Extend your skate life

Reinforce and prepare your body for the stresses of skating, reducing the damage on your body - adding years onto your skate life.

How you'll progress

Exercise video demo

Each exercise comes with a detailed video breakdown so you can make sure you're doing the exercises in the right way.


The program is split into three 4 week blocks, each building on top of the last. Although we’ll be working on most areas at the same time, each phase will focus a bit more on certain specifics:

Weeks 1-4

Slides & mannys

Mobility, stability & balance, foundational strength & plyometric abilities.

Weeks 5-8

Resilience & longevity

Muscular endurance, dynamic strength & stability, more advanced plyometric training

Weeks 9-12

Pop & power

Explosive & reactive power, force development / absorption, & advanced dynamic stability

What skaters are saying:

"I did the 3 month skate performance program created by @the.daily.push and it is sooo good. It has helped me loads with building strength and having better balance where I need it most for skating."

"The program is amazing! Absolutely worth every penny.  My skating has improved significantly just from the foundational month - I'm so stoked to see what results I get from the rest of the program.  I also just feel better all around, always a good sign. Thanks for having the foresight to set something like this up, it's been a game changer for building confidence and mindfulness while I'm skating."

"So I'm one week out from finishing my first run of the whole program.  Wow.  I've noticed so much increased strength, agility and general comfort when on the board. I wanna say a huge thank you for developing this program."


If you have any questions or doubts about the program feel free to contact Matt here.

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