For the last 10 years I stayed consistently working out. I don't work out to be the incredible hulk. I just work out for my body to be able to take the abuse of skateboarding and bounce back should I get an injury"

 ­­– Paul Rodriguez


a 12 week workout program designed to enhance how you skate & feel on your board.

this program is focused on improving:

  • stability - slides, grinds, mannys

  • strength - pop, resilience, absorb impact

  • power - pop, quick feet

  • reactivity - pop, light & quick footedness

  • injury reduction - avoid time off your board

  • endurance - skate for longer & at a high level for longer

  • good movement - feel better on & off your board

  • body awareness - more control over your body & board

  • longevity - skate as long as you possibly can

  • recover faster - more resilience = faster recovery

  • and ultimately improving how you skate!

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what do you get?

  • 12 weeks of workouts designed specifically to enhance how you skate

  • detailed  video explanation for every exercise

  • unlimited  lifetime access so you can repeat the program as many times as you like

  • workouts designed based on the latest sports science research & knowledge of skateboarding

  • train at home with no equipment (other than a few water bottles as weights if you don't have weights - explanation vid in the program)

  • access to exclusive extra content & videos for you to get the most out of the program

  • access to the community member's area to ask questions, get help or hype each other up

what do skaters have to say about
the NBD program

"The program is amazing! Absolutely worth every penny.  My skating has improved significantly just from the foundational month - I'm so stoked to see what results I get from the rest of the program.  I also just feel better all around, always a good sign. Thanks for having the foresight to set something like this up, it's been a game changer for building confidence and mindfulness while I'm skating."

"So I'm one week out from finishing my first run of the whole program.  Wow.  I've noticed so much increased strength, agility and general comfort when on the board. I wanna say a huge thank you for developing this program."

"Everything I do is more consistent, balanced increased big time, pop increased also and over all I'm much more resilient. Learned so many new tricks too because my body feels upgraded as fuck! Your stuff works dude, it FUCKING works!! I back that shit 100%!!!! Unlocks so much potential."

"Despite impending senility, the last six months have felt really good on the board in large part thanks to @the.daily.push NBD program.  I’ve been lifting for the last decade, but that program definitely made me feel more power and stability on the board than any leg day I’ve done before - I can’t recommend it enough!"


The NBD Skate Performance Exercise Program is a 12 week science-based program that’s been carefully designed to turn you into an absolute beast on your board. It’s a 2 day a week program split up into 3 phases to improve how you skate and optimally develop your pop, strength, stability & balance, power & explosiveness, along with reducing the risk of injury when you’re out on your plank. Almost the entire program requires no equipment, other than a few exercises that you can do with weights - water bottles work just fine though and if you go for bottles I’ll show you how to do the exercises with them in the videos that come along with every exercise.


The program is designed for healthy people who have been skating (or doing other physical activity) for a while. It isn't a rehab program, so if you’re injured, sort yourself out and then come back to do the program.

You’ll also get access to exclusive bonus content that will help you get more out of the program.

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check the video below for more info on the program

info about program starts at time @3:40 in the video below.

14 day money back guarantee.

If at any point within 14 days from the moment of purchase you decide you aren't hyped on the program, just drop us a message at saying you want a refund and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.