I noticed a lot of kids get to around 23 or 24 and they start hurting, but they think it's just part of getting older. I want them to realize, like I did, that 23 is young and there's no reason for your body to be sore all the time.

 ­­– Paul Rodriguez


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  • Skateboard Tricks

    Everything you need to enhance your sessions: from increasing your energy to overcoming fear, maintaining your pop and increasing your consistency.

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    Recovery is the forgotten key in the skate world. Staying on top of your recovery game is essential if you want to skate and feel as good as you could.

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    Get your pop like Tiago Lemos, increase your endurance, balance, reduce injury risk, with these exercises and workouts designed specifically for skating.

  • Pre-sesh, mid-sesh, post-sesh nutrition, recipes, nutrition energy hacks. Everything you need to fuel your sessions and keep your energy levels high.

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    Ankle sprain? Heel-bruise? Hot-pocket? Get the info you need to get back on your board from skate-physiotherapists.

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    Interviews with pro-skaters, skate-physiotherapists, skate-nutritionists, and more.

find healthcare professionals that skate near you!

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    eat FAT skate better

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    why protein is essential & how to get enough

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    how you skate | podcast episode 2

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    yoga for skateboarding

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    skate better instantly with this secret liquid

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    the NBD skate performance program

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