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Skate for life.

Not here to change skateboarding, here so you can skate at your best and do it for life.

Your trusted source of health & performance content for skateboarding.

Training programs


The 12 week home program for consistency, confidence, pop, stability, strength, reduced injury risk, less aches & pains and all round better skating - straight from your living room.

12 weeks of skate-focused training

2 training sessions/week

No special equipment needed

For all levels of skaters

Lifetime access

2 week money back guarantee

rear foot elevated split squat skateboarding training

The NBD Elite Skate Workout program

The year long program for skaters looking to get serious with training. Designed to restore your body, prepare it for the abuses of skating, maximise pop, skate performance & resilience.

24-50 weeks of skate-focused training

2-3 training sessions/week

Moderate equipment required

For all levels of skaters

Lifetime access

2 week money back guarantee

Who the f*#k runs The Daily Push

Matt Beare crook

Meet the guy behind The Daily Push

A human that's spent too much time skating and studying how to optimise the body to skate better and do it as long as possible.

matt black and white

Certified by:

kickflip over fruit

No Lycra leggings, whistles or screaming coaches.
Just personalised coaching built for skateboarding.

Get lasting results with tried and tested methods that work for skating.


Skate performance, nutrition, recovery, mindset & lifestyle coaching with The Daily Push founder.

The pros know...

Paul Rodriguez

I noticed a lot of kids get to around 23 or 24 and they start hurting, but they think it's just part of getting older. I want them to realize, like I did, that 23 is young and there's no reason for your body to be sore all the time.

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In-person resistance training for skaters in Barcelona, Spain.

1 on 1 or group skate-focused resistance training sessions with Matt, the founder of The Daily Push.

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