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The missing piece to
skate progression,
long sessionsconfidence
& reducing injury risk.


The NBD elite is designed to restore the optimal function of your body, prepare it for the abuses of skateboarding, then maximise pop, skate performance & overall resilience. All whilst reducing injury risk & adding years of quality skating onto your life.

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reduce risk of injury & nagging pains


increase resilience
& endurance


increase pop


increase confidence & reduce fear

recover faster & skate more


increase consistency &  progression

the 14 main focuses of the NBD elite

The NBD elite focuses on the following main areas to ensure you get the changes you want in your skateboarding, health & longevity.

injury risk reduction

When most people work out, they train slow, but when did you last injure yourself moving slow? The majority of injuries come from the inability to control fast forces that surpass what our bodies are prepared to handle. Throughout the entire program we prioritise reducing the risk of injury by reinforcing the most injury prone parts of the body, along with preparing you to handle the kinds of forces that provoke injuries in skateboarding and life. You can’t avoid injuries for good, but the science is clear that you can massively reduce the chances of them happening.

pop focused

We weren’t all born Brasilian, meaning most of us have to work for our pop. This is why we work on different qualities involved with increasing pop throughout the entire NBD elite program. From stability to strength, power to how elastic you are, hip mobility, core strength, the speed your muscles create force, the list goes on. Combined with the pop-focused skate tasks we outline in the program, you’ll hit everything you need to increase your pop.

carryover to skating

Just because you workout doesn't necessarily mean it's going to have an impact on your skating. Once we've laid down a solid base, we eventually need to start doing skate-specific exercises to increase the impact on our skating. We also understand that for training to really carryover to skating, you need to be training similar skills on your actual board. This is why we included a "skate & pop hacks program", with small tasks you can effortlessly integrate into your session to ensure the maximum carryover from training to your skating.

from the ground up

Any good program should start by building a solid foundation. In the same way you wouldn't build a house on a swamp, you can't expect to skate with as much power & agility as you could if you’re moving poorly & lacking stability. The NBD elite focuses on first building a solid foundation of high quality movement, stability and strength in all the fundamental movement patterns and positions for skateboarding and life, before shifting the focus to pop & skate performance. Making sure you've got the necessary foundation in place first will ensure you make as much progress as possible when we start going hard on skate-specific performance work.

longevity & 70yr old tres

One of the scariest thoughts for most skaters is the idea that one day they won't be able to skate again. By building up strength, power, & optimising the function of your body - compared to no training at all - we 5000% guarantee to add time onto your skate life, and time actually feeling good doing it. The possibility of you being able to tre-flip at 70 years old will be one step closer.

perfect balance cheat

Stability involves the entire body from the foot to the fluid in your ears (no joke). We progressively target all the systems you use when you're balancing mannys, slides & grinds, and progressively increase the difficulty so that by the end of the program you'll feel like you've activated the "perfect balance" cheat from THPS.

truly skate focused

We spent countless hours analysing skateboarding and breaking down the movements and forces involved when we skate. Combining this knowledge with 20+ years experience skating, 10+ years training, and the latest sports science research, we developed a system to target all the necessary qualities for skateboarding in the most efficient and effective ways. You won't find another program on the planet as in-depth & skate-specific as the NBD elite.

recover & skate more

Skateboarding puts an insane amount of stress on the body. The NBD elite trains you to handle skate-specific stresses, reducing the damage your sessions place on your body & speeding up recovery. Faster recovery = more skating.


When most skateboarders get to their 20s they start complaining about aches and pains and think there's nothing they can do about it. The good news is most skateboarders are wrong... P-Rod said "I noticed a lot of kids get to around 23 or 24 and they start hurting, they think it's just part of getting older. I want them to realize, like I did, that 23 is young and there's no reason for your body to be sore all the time." He's right. Although this isn't a rehab program, we tackle many of the common issues that provoke aches and pains in skaters. You can say goodbye to spending 1hr to warm up before maybe doing your go-to tricks and feeling like you've been run over by a stampede of wildebeest the day after your sessions.

fatigue resistance

We focus on building skate-specific endurance, this doesn’t mean long distance cardio, we dial in on the energy systems that power skateboarding. A solid base of endurance means you don't need to end your sessions early because you got too tired, along with reducing the risks of injuries that occur when we get fatigued, and maintaining the quality of your skating throughout longer sessions.

elasticity & light footed

The way most people train is overly focused on building muscle, but being explosive, quick & light footed and popping high, also relies on the elasticity, stiffness & resilience of the tendons and connective tissue. In the NBD elite you’ll train the muscles, tendons & connective tissue so you can handle & create the high speed movements we do when we skate. As these parts of the body take longer to develop than muscle, the key to reducing the chance of overuse injuries is gradual progression, which is something we’ve considered in our program design.

skate strong

The best pros in the world have proven you don't need huge muscles to skate well. But having enough muscle and training your body to be strong enough to handle the forces involved in skating will reduce the damage it places on your body, increasing longevity & allowing you to skate more and feel better on & off your board. The NBD elite won’t give you muscles like Brandon Biebel, but it will make you strong in all the right ways for skateboarding.

impact resilience

Skateboarding arguably exposes your body to more impact than anything else you can do on this planet. Excessive, repetitive impact can lead to injuries, overuse injuries, pain & slow recovery. Even though your body has built in mechanisms to absorb impact, many of us have lost the ability to properly take advantage of them. The NBD elite focuses on retraining and optimising your ability to absorb impact.

science-based training

We haven't just guessed what exercises we think you should do, there are pretty clear methods to train many of the adaptations you need for skateboarding. We’ve stolen the knowledge & wisdom from sports science research that’s been used to train the best athletes in the world and brought it to skateboarding.

what people say about the NBD elite:

I’ve tried almost every popular workout program and hands down the NBD Elite is my favorite. I look forward to every session. I was surprised at how much it improved my board control, athletic performance, and overall well-being. All killer, no filler; this program is rewarding, easy to stay consistent with, and you can tell how much time effort, and thought went into developing this. Big ups to Matt and the entire team who put this together. Daily Push and NBD forever!
Rad functional skate specific training, leaving me feeling balanced, explosive and lighter on the board! While correcting my imbalances & previous injuries.
Thank you so much for all the time you’ve taken in preparing the workouts. I’m continually progressing and am in the best shape I’ve been in for years.
I've been consistently doing the NBD elite workouts for about 9 weeks and have noticed increased endurance and confidence when on my board. My nollie and switch tricks have also vastly improved.
The program is amazing. I'm an older dude (38) that just took up skating only a few years ago. I've seen huge improvements to my performance overall and I'm really able to stretch out my sessions to the max with the added endurance I've gained already (and I'm just starting phase 3!) This shit is legit!
Thank you for giving an old dog new life.

bag both stages for $179.99, save $80 for a limited time


stage 1: on-lock

- for skaters new to training - $99.95 for a limited time (usually $129.95) - two programs in one (10+12 weeks) - build the habit of working out pain free - learn how to move optimally & more efficiently on & off your board​ - increase confidence with a more functional & capable body - lay down a solid base for future training - build skate specific muscles to improve skate capacity - increase stability and endurance to skate how you want for longer - improve posture and mechanics to improve efficiency on your board - build skate specific muscles to improve skate capacity - increase stability and endurance to skate how you want for longer​ - improve posture and mechanics to improve efficiency on your board


stage 2: stackin'

- for skaters with experience training or already completed stage 1: on lock - $99.95 for a limited time (usually $129.95) - for skaters who have been stuck doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps ever since they can remember - for skaters who's training progress has stagnated ​- a focus on max strength & power - increase total body strength & stability to better handle & produce the forces involved in skating - teach the body to absorb higher levels of impact safely and effectively - increase pop by training your body to be as powerful & responsive as possible​ ​- increase total body control to move how you want on your board​ - increase quick-footedness & coordination to get even more tech

nbd elite price

what do you get with
the NBD elite?

  • skate specific workouts designed based on a deep analysis of the movements &  forces involved in skateboarding

  • full programming for every workout - reps, sets, load, structure - everything written & designed for you

  • video demonstrations with detailed explanations & breakdowns of every exercise

  • techniques, systems & exercises chosen based on the latest sports science research


  • access to "the daily push training hub" where you can access your workouts, and track & manage your progress

  • access to a private member's group to help build hype, maintain motivation, ask questions, get help, etc.

  • peace of mind knowing you don't have to think of whether you're progressing towards your goals or not

  • + all the bonus content below...

...aaand you get all this:

  • 2 extra bonus phases!

  • phase 0: 2 weeks of mobility, stretching, breathing & basic strength exercises to prepare for the program or be used as a "recovery day"

  • phase 5: 6 weeks of high intensity "pop-endurance" training designed to further enhance the body's ability to produce power while in a fatigued state

  • the flick program: a 12 week program with specific skate tasks and exercises focused specifically on getting you that nice, fast flick

  • a goal setting & habit building guide to help you stay consistent & motivated

  • fitness & performance tests to track your progress throughout the program

Refund & cancellation terms & conditions

7 day refund terms: You can get a full refund within 7 days of buying the program if you decide it isn't for you. No questions asked. Pay monthly refund terms: a) Cancel your monthly payment subscription at any time, no questions asked. b) The 14 day refund applies to the first month only. Once 14 days have passed, future months won't be eligible for a refund. However, like mentioned above, you'll have the option to cancel future monthly payments at any time, no questions asked. Just shoot us an email at if you have questions or to ask for a refund.

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