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I've been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling and meet a lot of skaters across the planet and one of the main things it's taught me is that skateboarders are a fucking cool species. From Bolivia to Singapore to Australia to Barcelona (where I live now) the skaters have had my back, from giving me a sofa to crash on, to showing me the local spots or just being down for a game of SKATE. I know wherever I go I won't struggle to find amazing people and all through skateboarding.

Another thing travelling has taught me is that wherever you go skateboarders consume a lot of shit. This first hit me in a city called Jujuy in Argentina. I'd gone to the skatepark where I met the local crew and after a little bit, we went off to skate street together. On the way to the spot we passed a shop and one of the guys went in to get some providings for everyone. He came back out with a packet of chips and a 3 litre bottle of lemonade. We all passed the bottle round the circle and it was sick. Now I look back though and I'm thinking it was about 40°C (104°F), those fools needed water!

Another time I'd met up with a good homie I'd met in Australia (where the preferred mid-sesh snack is a sausage roll/a meat pie and a beer) out in Santiago, Chile. We were out skating street and decided to hit up the supermarket to refuel. Ten minutes later we were sitting outside on a ledge passing about five packs of different biscuits round the crew. I've gotta say the Latin Americans definitely win the crown for being the most generous people I've met - everything they have, they share, even if it means they'll be left with just the crumbs of whatever they've bought.

Consuming shit definitely isn't limited to the skate world. Junk food, refined food and food rammed with sugar is everywhere. Even the stands at the checkouts of pharmacies are loaded with sugary bullshit. Sustaining yourself on these kinds of foods leaves you lacking a lot of essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally, along with leaving you feeling frequently tired and lacking energy.


There's not one perfect diet that suits everyone but there are some general guidelines that apply to almost everyone. With just a bit of knowledge the way you eat can keep you constantly energised so you avoid those waves of tiredness. Food is the energy that powers your sessions and eating the right things can keep you powered throughout and leave you feeling much better, and skating at a much better level for longer. Your diet really is the foundation for everything. In The Daily Push interview with Nick Dompierre he says: "I can't preach enough about how important diet is for health and longevity. If you want to be able to skate as long as possible, eat quality foods and fuel your body with the nutrients in fruits, veggies and quality protein sources." In this section you'll find out exactly what you should be putting into your face and when to skate as good and feel as good as you can.