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Have fun, share positive words on social media and in person.

Live healthy & dream big.

 ­­– Sebo Walker

the Sebo Walker interview.

30 December 2018 / interview: Matt Beare

Intro written by Walker Ryan


The other night, Sebo and I went to a video premiere. Like most premieres, the crowd leaving the theatre headed straight to the nearest watering hole; a sea of excited skateboarders and industry heads swarming the bar, eager for free beers. I couldn’t find Sebo so I texted him. I had just been given a handful of drink tickets and I was happy to share. “I think I’m just gonna go skate,” he responded. That’s so Sebo. Like a kid who just watched their first skate video, Sebo needed to use the energy from the premiere the right way. He needed to go skate.


I’ve never met anyone who has such an intense drive, passion and all out obsession with skateboarding. Whether it’s filming five video parts at once or just skating laps at the park for hours upon hours, Sebo’s enthusiasm for skateboarding is on another level. He’s constantly progressing and always striving to do more, but unlike many skaters I know, Sebo is also dedicated to a health and fitness regimen that ensures he’ll be skating for decades to come. To say the very least, Sebo is an inspiring friend to have. 

photo: @brettsube

You were living in a van for a fair few years. What were some of the best and worst aspects of the van life?

I loved living in a van. It really helped my simplify my life. Learning I only need certain necessities and focusing on more important things in my life; exercise, eating well, being productive in my skateboarding career, etc. It is also the freedom that I enjoyed - not being tied down to an apartment or anything, free to drive anywhere and change location & scenery, travel wherever, whenever. It’s a beautiful thing. Some of the harder things were being lonely, cold, or scared of someone crashing into me while I was asleep on the side of the street. Luckily I made it through, and I like to think I’m better for it.


I’ve slept in a car a decent amount and I’d always wake up feeling terrible. How did you stay energised to skate?

I went to the gym every night and stretched a lot which really helps. Also, I had a nice set up in my van, and I love skating so much I just always felt energized by the sunshine every day allowing me to do what I love.


You’re homies with Dr. Kyle and you feature a lot on his Insta doing different exercises, are you just a model or do you actually work out with him on a regular basis?

He’s a good friend, physiotherapy guru, skater, and a genuine great dude. I’ll go see him or ask questions if I’m hurt, but mainly we just skate together, and as we get older, try to help each other stay in one piece.

What’s some valuable information he’s taught you that’s helped your skating?

Lots of stretches, exercises and strengthening. Just great ways to stay feeling good and recover as well. I jump down stuff a lot so... it helps.

Do you work-out at all outside of his clinic? 

I don’t. I go once in a blue moon if I’m really hurt, otherwise most of what he teaches me you can do anywhere, so we are out there in the streets dynamic stretching, warming up, skating, then static stretching at end of day. 


Do you have any pre-session or post-session habits?

Dynamic stretching before, slow body movement to get blood flowing. Static stretching & strengthening at night. Drinking lots of water all the time as well. Shout out @wedrinkwater


How does your diet look? Is eating healthy important to you?

Yeah definitely. Eating healthy just makes me feel good. My wife is an amazing cook and I’m lucky she is constantly whipping up delicious and healthy meals. I aspire to skate as long as possible so taking care of myself has become so important as I get older, so that I can live my best life, lead a good career in skating, and have healthy kiddos one day. Shout out to my wife Elle!


What are a few healthy foods you try to eat on a regular basis and are there any foods you try to avoid?

I try and get a good balance of protein and greens on a daily basis. Lots of fruits and veggies, berries and/or nuts for snacks through the day. Ginger & turmeric shots when I skate hard for the anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidants. I try to avoid fried foods, and sugar.

Do you have any weird or abnormal health habits to stay on point? 

I take ginger & turmeric shots five times or so a week, and I do an abnormal amount of ab workouts (fear of the belly).


When did you get into taking care of yourself more and how has it affected your skating? 

I definitely feel better as you can imagine, just limber, strong, focused etc. It’s honestly amazing. Skating brings me so much joy, so feeling good doing it is the absolute best.

Has living a healthier lifestyle affected you off your board as well?

Yeah it really has. Especially with age you realize your body starts to deal with eating and exercise differently. Basically the invincibility of teenage and early twenty years fades, and bad eating or lack of exercise will catch up to you. Being married now as well, I want to be focused and on point, a good partner and productive professional skateboarder. I feel so lucky to have achieved my dream, I don’t want to let it go too soon because of bad decisions or lack of taking care of myself. But it’s all about moderation ya know. That’s the key.

In the article Walker Ryan wrote about you on Jenkem, he describes you as pretty hyperactive. Is there a secret to always being pumped with energy?

Mostly what we already talked about. Feeling good mixed with doing what you love is an energizing bunny all in itself. 


You skate for the brand/movement ‘Drink Water’ too, can you tell us a little bit about that? Who they are and why did you get on board with them?

Basically Bryan Fox and Austin Smith started it. Two snowboarders surrounded by energy drink banners during contests, who were more or less heavily promoting this 'goo' if you will, to kids (just like in skating). Them being the awesome humans they are, wanted to take some of that real estate and actually have something great being promoted like drinking water. The most simple idea. Drink tap water. It's not about “selling water” it’s about raising awareness to remember to do the most simple and beautiful thing you can do for you body on a daily basis, hydrate with water. It’s a movement - get on board.

By the way, your art is incredible. I love those massive intricate murals you do. What’s more of a mind-fuck, finishing one of those things, or spending hours trying to get a trick?

Skating will always be more of a MF! The art flows free no pain, bails or struggles (for the most part), but both are freestyle. Art just comes a little smoother most of the time.

Art is a second job for you right? You paint a lot of murals and do a lot of custom grip jobs for people. How can people contact you for a custom grip job? Do you have any other art up for sale anywhere else?

I run everything off my Instagram page @seboart - email in my bio of art page. Yeah art has always been a part of my life but recently transitioned from custom grip for kids to murals. It’s fun working on a larger medium. Now I’m able to pick up mural jobs and use that income to go on skate trips and film. 


Walker Ryan mentioned in his interview on The Daily Push that you’re going to be releasing a video called The Walker Video with only parts from skaters with Walker in their name. How’s that video coming on?

That video got put on hold - everyone is so busy. But Old Friends video is coming!


Are you currently working on any other projects?

Pump on this - the next Sk8rat video 
Old friends video 
Portland part 
& one more secret part 

Any final words? If you could impart some final health wisdom on the skate world, what would it be?

Remember why you started skating, that feeling! Have fun, share positive words on social media and in person. Live healthy & Dream Big.


30 Dec 2018

Interview: Matt Beare

Sebo Walker@sebowalker

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