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the berrics x the daily push | 3 recovery

the daily push

photo: Carioca Carioca

The Daily Push recently hooked up with The Berrics to release a collection of NBD articles promoting fresh knowledge into the skate world around health, body pain, recovery, performance and more.


So, the session has come to an end: your legs are aching, your shins are cut, your gooch is throbbing from credit carding yourself, and you didn’t get your trick. You tell your mates you could have got it if it wasn’t for the crack in front of the ledge; there’s always an excuse and it’s never your fault. You plan on coming back to get it tomorrow but your body is destroyed…

But wait! There’s a new Daily Push article focusing on how to recover from a heavy session!

This week we’ll be covering the best ways to recover from a session and how making an effort to properly recover can not only return you to feeling good on your board faster but also make you stronger, more resilient, and even improve your skating. In the sports world it’s said that recovery isn’t complete or effective unless you reach a higher state of fitness after doing it. A huge number of skateboarders constantly complain about body pain and how they’re not feeling it 30 minutes into the session, leaving us with no choice but to put the common recovery choice of a beer and cigarette to the test. There isn’t one technique that will immediately solve all of your problems but what we’re about to go through will put you on the right track and should make a big difference on how you feel.

Check the article over at or head over to the skateboarding recovery page of The Daily Push for extra nuggets of info.

Every Wednesday a new article will be dropping so stay tuned for game changing info! Next week: Foam Rolling - what it is and why so many pros are doing it these days.

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