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the berrics x the daily push | 8 completing the whole

the daily push

The Daily Push recently hooked up with The Berrics to release a collection of NBD articles promoting fresh knowledge into the skate world around health, body pain, recovery, performance and more.


So, we’ve been through a lot together, from the best ways to warm up through staying energised during a session, to how to recover properly. From how to foam roll, to how to increase your strength, to how to rehab injuries—and now it’s time to put it all together.

If you didn’t do anything to take care of your body before reading this series of articles, and now you’ve started doing some of the stuff mentioned every now and then, then they’ve already been a success. But it has to be said that each article was just a part of the whole. Doing just some of the things mentioned is a solid start, but if your goal is to feel as fresh as a newly born marsupial, then combining everything, and making it all habit, is the way to go.

  • Warming up (

  • Warming up properly can increase your power, strength, flexibility & joint range of motion, improve your coordination & reaction time, leave you feeling lighter on your board, and more energized, and greatly reduce the risk of injury.

  • Powering a session (

  • Eating the right things at the right time along with staying hydrated will provide your body with what it needs to power your sessions, smacking fatigue right in the nuts.

  • Recovery (

  • Applying some recovery techniques after your sessions will speed up how fast your body repairs itself, reduce aches and pains, and return you to your board faster, feeling fresher and stronger.

  • Foam Rolling (

  • Rolling it out can keep you skating for longer by decreasing how fast you fatigue, decrease pre- and post-skate body pain, leave you feeling energised, temporarily increase flexibility, speed up recovery and maybe even increase your pop.

  • Strength training (

  • Increasing your strength can give you more energy, pop and power, protect your joints from damage, decrease the risk of injury, increase your ability to take a slam, make skating take less effort, and even help you roll away from tricks by increasing your ability to absorb impact.

  • Injury Rehab (

  • Along with many injuries comes a loss of range of motion, strength, balance, muscle control, and timing, etc. Rehabbing your injuries properly restores these things and prevents the risk of future injury.

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