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the skatehealth search engine.


The search feature is new so if you notice any glitches or errors let me know in the contact section, thanks!

  1. In the first box enter either the person's name or speciality, eg. "Jimmy Shrivels" or "physiotherapist", "nutritionist", "personal trainer", etc.

  2. In the second box either leave it blank to show all results for the speciality you put, or add your location - you will have better results searching by a large area like state or country, eg "United States" or "California". Type online as location for online services.

  3. Scroll to bottom of page to see all results.

how to search

more about the search engine.

Every sport or physical activity places different demands and stresses on your body, requires different skills and movement, causes different injuries, and as a result needs different methods of care and rehab to get you back in the game. Skateboarding is no different.

The purpose of this search engine is to create an international list of skateboarders, who understand skating and the demands of skating, and who are also professionals in some kind of healthcare realm. You can search based on what you need - physiotherist, nutritionist, personal trainers, etc. - and your location (or online). The matching profiles will then appear and you can contact them directly to organise an appointment either in person or online (if they offer online services).


Whether you're looking for physiotherapy for skateboarding, you want a personalised workout to improve your pop or endurance when you're out skating, or even a nutrition plan to help sort out your diet, this search engine will put you into contact with the best skateboarding healthcare professionals around the world to help you get what you need.

If you're a certified professional in a healthcare realm and are interested in being a part of this, get in touch with me through the contact section.

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