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Therese Österlund

Certified nutritional advisor, Paramedic

Therese Österlund




English, Swedish, Finnish



Helsinki, Finland

75€ - 160€


I am a skateboarder who can't get enough of discovering about nutrition, health, natural remedies, and chinese medicine. I am also a paramedic/nurse so helping people with their health challenges comes very naturally to me. I really hope to see a more happy, healthy and sustainable world in the future and I wan't to be a part in making it happen.


- Nutritional therapy after injury or operation

- How to optimize recovery by eating right

- Also I give all other sorts of nutritional advice and help my clients find a balanced healthy lifestyle.

- Gut problems, skin issues, optimizing fertility and whatever other problems people might have with their health. 

- Prices: One appointment with focus on nutrition after injury (45 min) - 75€, Classic nutritional therapy, first appointment (120 min) - 160€, follow-ups (60 min) - 90€

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