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Tori Nakano

Nutritional therapy, Personal trainer, Sports nutrition specialist, Cognitive behavioral therapy,

Tori Nakano







New Braunfels, Texas, USA



I was a professional chef and am the mom of a professional skateboarder. My clients include USA Olympic and XGames skateboarders and snowboarders. I owned and designed an indoor skatepark and managed our skate team. I am also a Nutritionist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Supplemental Athletic Trainer, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner. It is my belief that to achieve the best performance for sports or competition your nutrition, physical, and mental program needs to be interconnected to perform at your peak level. You can't forget any one of them. At Revolution Wellness, we work with you in all these ways to achieve great things!


- Nutrition

- Supplemental Athlete Personal Training

- Cognitive Behavior Modification

- Personal Training

- Weightloss

- Coming Soon in November: Our Online Coaching Program! Pricing starts at $49 per month - up to $99 per month depending on the level of intensity desired or needed. Includes full assessment, goal setting meetings, personal check-ins, access to our full education library and professional support.

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