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Mastering Skateboarding with Douwe Macaré: Pro Techniques to Progress FAST

This episode of the Skate Progression podcast with Douwe Macaré has in one hour arguably more actionable info to improve your skating than any skate podcast ever done. It's a real special one!

Douwe has a real unique style of skating with crazy long lines full of tech tricks and hammers. He’s so consistent and precise with the way he skates and as I learned whilst speaking to him, this didn’t happen by accident.

Douwe has really put in the work to get as good as he is and in this interview he shares a lot of the processes he’s used to go pro and get where he is today. In this interview he goes deep into his different techniques to overcome fear, get consistent, how he approaches tricks and when to walk away to avoid getting injured. He also shares techniques he uses to stay calm skating in competitions, along with what he does off his board to stay fresh and skate as much as he does.

If you’re interested in learning a bunch of techniques to progress fast on your board then get your pen and paper out and you’ll leave with a list of actionable techniques you can start applying to your own skating.

Massive thanks to Douwe for dropping his knowledge and being willing to sit down in the rain to film this!

Hope you enjoy it!

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