Clean up your diet and get more sleep. With these 2 changes in your life. I guarantee your skating will improve as well as your health and well being!

 ­­– Nick Dompierre


This is a series of ground-breaking NBD interviews with different pros. We’ll be exploring a somewhat unexplored territory in the world of skateboarding interviews with the purpose of uncovering the secrets to their skating, off their boards. We’ll find out if professional skateboarders really do eat nothing but burritos, how the older pros keep on going when really their 4 wheels should be attached to a chair instead of a board. We’ll find out whether they stretch, if they have a secret star-jump routine, or maybe we’ll find out that they just do nothing at all. Either way, we’ll be entering an untouched area of the skate world to find answers to questions that have almost never been asked.


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