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Progress through having fun, overcoming fear & much more | Enrique Lorenzo interview 2024

I'm super hyped to announce this interview with someone who not only had a big influence on my own skating as I was growing up, but an absolute legend in skating - Enrique Lorenzo.

He's been dropping parts for over two decades featuring in videos like Rodney vs Daewon, Rounds One and Two, and skated for the biggest brands at the time like Axion and World Industries.

He's been doing tricks 20 years ago that literally no one else is even doing today and has really been pushing the evolution of skating since the 90s in terms of techness and creativity with so many tricks from every part that would just blow your mind.

In this interview we go deep into how Enrique got so good at skating, his methods around progression and consistency, what he does to overcome fear and commit to tricks, and why having fun when you skate is so important!

There's a lot of wisdom in this interview and most importantly a bunch of things you can take and start applying to your own skating from day one.

I hope you enjoy it!


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