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1on1 coaching built for skateboarding.

Work with me to reach your goals. Skate better, feel better, you pick the objectives, we make it happen.













Reach your skate & lifestyle goals 

Unlock tricks & progress faster

Overcome fear & gain confidence

Skate at a level you're hyped on

Feel prepared to skate & recover fast

Bulletproof your body for the intensity of skating

Stay on track when life gets hectic

Learn essential recovery, nutrition, mindset skills

How we'll make it happen?

Reliable support along the way

Consistency is hard, but support makes it so much easier. I'll be there for you when you need to keep you going and on track.

A 100% personalised action plan

Every action you take is a vote for who you want to become. That’s why this coaching process is all about taking action that matters to you.

Constant evolution & progression

Goals change, people change, the plan will too. Every 2 weeks we’ll jump on a video call to make changes to the plan & keep it relevant to you.

A deep-performance approach

Skating well isn’t only about moving your feet on your plank. It also depends on your capacity in the physical, mental, emotional (etc.) realms too.

Build inner power & skills for life

We'll focus on developing the character traits and skills you need to become the person you want, so you keep killing it long after our work together.

Reach your goals from anywhere

The whole coaching experience is fully online. In between calls we'll stay connected through the coaching app so you get the support you need.

Skate rat x athlete harmony

This isn’t about strict rules and changing the spirit of skating, it’s about merging proven habits used by athletes in a way that works for skating.

Pro trick analysis & skate support

Stuck on certain tricks? I’ll give you detailed video guidance of your clips so you learn faster and move past the blocks you're facing.

Results guaranteed

improved their skating in the first month 

of skaters

felt like they were achieving their goals in the first month

that asked for trick analysis improved or learned these tricks


Other areas they made improvements

New tricks

Longer sessions

More consistency

Increased confidence

Better sleep

Less stress

Less aches & pains

More energy

What skaters are saying:

Not to sound dramatic, but my experience with Matt so far has been life changing. When people hear “skate coach” they think of the aggro parent at the skatepark having their kid drop in on a vert ramp. This is not that at all. I would go as far as to say this is a mentorship experience for those living a skate-forward lifestyle.

Matt provides his trainees with a foundational framework for success on and off the board. How that success looks is different for how every skater shapes their journey with Matt. Since working with Matt my overall health has had significant improvements alongside my skating.

Anyone with inclinations towards a healthy lifestyle is typically bombarded with content coming from so-called experts and influencers. Skate education has also evolved tremendously in the past three years. Matt makes sense of this information overload. I would recommend Daily Push coaching to anyone at any experience level on the board.

Who's got your back


I'm here to break down the complexity of change and skate progression, guiding you on a clear path to where you want to go.

I'm Matt, founder of The Daily Push, skater for more than 20 years, personal trainer and nutrition & lifestyle coach.

For a reason I can't put into words, I get really hyped on helping people take action to improve their lives.


If you're looking for someone committed to helping you reach your goals, look no further. Let's get it.

Matt Beare crook

Certified by:


How you'll progress

To make change you've got to take just enough action consistently. The thing is, when most people try and make change they flip their whole life upside down, make 712 changes at once, commit for a week and then flop.


Instead, the method we'll use is all about breaking your goals down into manageable pieces that you can actually commit to. Once you've got something locked in, we focus on the next piece.


This pragmatic approach essentially guarantees your success.


1. Meet n greet

Through the initial forms and our first video call, I sit back and listen to your goals, challenges and everything you want to work on.

4. Analyse & evaluate

After 2 weeks we'll jump on another video call to review your progress, tweak the plan or pick new actions to keep you evolving.

2. Plan & strategise

Together, we build an action plan and pick the most important actions for you to focus on for the first 2 weeks.

5. Keep killing it

We'll repeat steps 1 to 4 every two weeks, constantly updating the plan to keep it relevant to you and where you want to go.

3. Test & observe

As you're taking action I'll be there to support you, provide accountability & any necessary resources through the coaching app.

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