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Learn about your body and what makes you feel better or worse. Stretch, strengthen, roll, massage... Do what you gotta do to get where you want to be. 

 ­­– Spencer Hamilton

yoga for skateboarders.

The Daily Push recently hooked up with Yoga-Master Lucas Nunes from AcroThaiYoga to do a little Yoga for skateboarding series.


Below you'll find two different 10 minute skate yoga videos of different intensities. They can pretty much be razzed at any time at any time of day - when you wake up to get your body going at the start of the day (when I like to do them), before you go skate, whilst you eat a sandwich, or after you go skate.


This first skate yoga video is a 10 minute session for beginners. 

This second yoga for skateboarding video is another 10 minute session. This one has a lot of different movements and is a little bit more intense than the first one.



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