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No Lycra leggings, whistles or screaming coaches.
Just personalised coaching built for skateboarding

Don't struggle on your own. Get lasting results with tried and tested methods that work for skateboarding. Skate performance, nutrition, recovery, mindset & lifestyle coaching with The Daily Push founder.

1on1 sessions with the founder of The Daily Push.

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PNL1 Nutrition Coach

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Pinnacle Performance Biomechanics Specialist

I'm Matt, founder of The Daily Push, skater for more than 20 years, personal trainer and nutrition & lifestyle coach.


I help skateboarders cultivate their minds and bodies so they can skate better, feel better and live in a way that adds years of skating onto their lives.

One of the ways I do this is through a “coaching” experience I built specifically for skateboarding.

Yeh, I know, coaching for skateboarding sounds strange.


But hold on, this isn’t about changing skating. It’s just, with so many skaters getting to their 20s and feeling haggard unnecessarily (yeh 20’s is way too young to be haggard!), there’s obviously something going wrong and some knowledge lacking from the skate community...

The goal with this personalised coaching experience isn’t just to give you trick tips.

It’s to work with you to develop the necessary lifestyle skills and habits that will help you get the most out of skateboarding;

to feel energised, strong and powerful on and off your board; and to reinforce your body and mind to handle skateboarding for as long as humanly possible!


Across my 20 years skating and 5 years running The Daily Push, I’ve spent a massive amount of time learning from pros (in and out of skating), experimenting, and working directly with skaters to blend knowledge and wisdom related to nutrition, recovery, training, mindset, and a load of other areas, to skateboarding.


I also spent 3 years in the Himalayas living with goats and meditating on the nature of skateboarding, and now, I want to bring you everything I learned.


Ok, the Himalayas bit wasn’t true, but everything else, yes!


Now if you’re imagining a screaming coach in Lycra leggings blasting a whistle at you as you cry trying another kickflip…

Even though it would be a funny sight, we all know that’s not going to work for skating and if you know me personally or through the stuff I release online, you’ll know this isn’t going to be like that at all… As I said, I’ve skated 20 years, I understand skating and this is built for skateboarding.


It’s about doing what so many of the best pro-skaters are doing to skate better, as they pass that age we all thought was “too old” to keep skating. Actions that fit into a skate lifestyle and ones that allow you to keep doing what you love, how you want, for as long as possible.


If you’ve tried making changes before and just haven’t been able to stick with them, chances are you were hoping something that worked for someone else would work for you, instead of figuring out how to customise it for you and your probably busy schedule.

What do skaters have to say about the coaching experience?!

Working with Matt was a game changer for my skating progress.  After a couple weeks of workouts I could already feel a big difference in terms of being able to skate longer and feeling a lot more confident on gaps and tricks.


But the highlight for me is that during the coaching I more than doubled my ollie height! Plus got a lot more consistent.


Highly recommend working with Matt to any skater looking to improve fast.

Since working with Matt I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability in skateboarding both mentally and physically.


I feel stronger in general, have increased stamina and found myself feeling more capable in all aspects of my life.


I would highly recommend working with Matt whether it’s one on one in person or via online coaching, you’ll definitely notice a big improvement in your skating and ability!

This is why personalisation is such a key piece of this coaching experience and this is where I come in. 

I’m not just gonna throw a meal plan at you, and give you a list of things to do. Instead, you tell me your goals and we’ll work together to figure out what you want and need, and what’s going to work for you and your lifestyle. 


Even though you’re ultimately the boss and you’ll choose how we’ll work together, some key areas this is targeted at are:

Developing essential habits and routines that support your mind and body for skateboarding 

Boosting your energy levels so you can skate longer and more often

Improving mental resilience and focus so you can commit to tricks and learn faster

Reducing fear of injury whilst pushing yourself to to do more than you currently think is possible

Maximising longevity and wellbeing so you can keep doing what you love for as long as possible

Learning how to integrate all this into your life, so you keep progressing long past our work together

Figuring out specific tricks with detailed video breakdowns from a guy who’s skated too much, watched way too many skate videos and nerded out excessively on the biomechanics of skating

Which of these areas we focus on and how much will depend on your goals and what you want to work on.

Also this is designed for all levels of skaters - from complete beginners learning to ollie, intermediate skaters looking to skate at their best, all the way up to pros looking to be on point to film parts and skate in competitions.


One final thing I want to point out, is that this isn’t a quick fix (we all know quick fixes are usually a load of sh#t!). Instead this is about developing long-term, sustainable changes that you’ll be able to keep applying long after our work together.


And even though it’s going to take work, effort and a healthy amount of discomfort, I’m here to support you along the way.


So if this sounds like something you’re interested in hit the "apply here" button below and fill out the application form. You can also drop any questions in that form too.

For a limited time I'm throwing in the NBD 12 Week Skate Performance program for free with coaching!

How does it all work?

We’ll collaborate as a team to lay down the best plan for your specific goals.

Fully personalised

You’ll start by telling me all about your goals, health challenges, routine, skating and what you want to work on. From there, we’ll work together to customise your entire program and start getting after it.

Accountability & support

One of the hardest things about making change is sticking with it. I’ll keep you accountable with frequent checkups, along with being available to give you support via the private app whenever you need. We’ll also be constantly updating and evolving the program along the way and I’ll provide progress reports so you can see how you’re getting on.


No bullshit

No lettuce diets, carnivore diets, or other extreme shit that won’t get you what you want. Instead, we’ll work on reliable, science-based foundations that actually work.

Skate guidance that works

I'll help you lock in tricks with detailed video breakdowns. You send me your clips and I'll analyse your technique to give you guidance on what you need to focus on to learn faster and move past the blocks you're facing.

Constant evolution

The plan and the habits you're building will be constantly evolving. Every 2 weeks we'll do a video chat to decide what we'll focus on for the next 2 weeks and make any necessary updates to the plan.

Daily action

Every day, you’ll work on building different habits related to nutrition, skating, lifestyle, etc. and each practice will be customised to help you get the results you are looking for.


Keep progressing even when your dog shits on your carpet.
When life gets out of hand staying consistent is hard. A common mistake people make is trying to change too much at once, instead, we’ll figure out small daily practices that will fit into your schedule or lifestyle at a rate that you can commit to.

deep performance approach.

There's a myth in the skate world that to get better at skating you just need to skate more and work on your pinch, and yes, that's a massive part of it, but there's a better way, based on the idea of "deep-performance".


Deep-performance means that reaching your full skate potential depends not only on how much you skate, but also on many areas of life - physical, mental, environmental, etc.


This is important because each area is connected and making deep-change in one, can impact the others. For example, if the environment is right, you'll probably skate better. If your physical health improves, it's likely your mental health will too, and vice versa. 


It's a whole person, whole life approach to skateboarding performance, and one many pros are starting to go for.

Some of the areas of deep-performance you might want to focus on:


Nutrition plays a role in everything - from feeling energised during long sessions, recovering well, mental health, aging & your entire being functioning on point.

Resistance training

Skateboarding puts an insane amount of stress on the body. Training can raise the threshold of what our body can handle and better prepare us for this stress, making skating cause less damage, speeding up recovery, reducing injury risk & increasing longevity. It can also enhance our capacity to skate better by improving things like balance and pop.


The cliché "skating is mostly mental" exists for a reason. Mindset will make or break anything you do in life, especially skating. Why? Because you are going to face resistance and discomfort, whether it's committing to a trick or to a new habit. As we often can't avoid these things, the better solution is to work on our capacity to handle them using different deep-performance tools.


Recovery is when your body restores itself, rebuilds and locks in new tricks. Purposeful recovery is often overlooked in the skate world, but if you're not recovering well, you're seriously holding yourself back.

Skate rat & athlete harmony.

This is going to blow your mind... but you can be a skate rat and an athlete at the same time... In fact, they have nothing to do with each other.
This course isn't about changing everything about your life - putting you in some Lycra speedos and having someone scream at you with a whistle. It's about taking skills from the world of athletes and sports performance, and blending them with skateboarding and your lifestyle.
It's not about changing how you actually skate, or taking away the freedom and creativity of skating, it's about taking care of and preparing yourself physically and mentally to skate at your best and to do it as long as possible.
After all, if these are your goals, accepting you're at least in part an athlete is the only way, as P-Rod said:
Paul Rodriguez:

"The progression of skating is just evolving so quickly right now and ... guys are realising the stuff we're doing is requiring a lot from us physically and I think collectively as skaters we're starting to realise we are athletes. We're kind of embracing ourselves finally as athletes, whereas before it was like we always fought against that like "nah I'm a skater, not an athlete." But it takes an athleticism to do what we're doing, you have to take care of yourself, you have to treat yourself like an athlete or you're not going to last very long."

For a limited time I'm throwing in the NBD 12 Week Skate Performance program for free with coaching!

If you have any questions about anything email me at

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