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Gratitude, ice baths and why there's nothing better than skateboarding | The Adelmo Jr. Interview

You know those people that just radiate good vibes and make you think, "damn, this guys know something I don't!" Well, that's Adelmo Junior.

Adelmo's skating has been inspiring me for literally two decades, and after having the opportunity to sit down and do this interview with him, I can now say he's a big inspiration for me as a person too.

We hit many different topics from ice baths, the keys to learning and committing to tricks, why the skate community is so special, and for me the most important thing - why gratitude will make your life better.

Since we recorded this interview I straight up feel like I've started to be more grateful for things, and it feels good! Hopefully I keep it up, and I hope you get as much from the interview as I did.

Cheers Adelmo!

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