The most valuable lesson that I've learned is that there is no price tag that you can put on feeling good. You've got one of these vehicles - your body  - your whole life, and if the vehicle is busted, it's not a fun ride. 

- Danny Way

what do pro-skaters say about health?

When you think of the classic stereotype of a skater, does the image of someone healthy, that takes extra care of themself pop in to your head? I doubt it.


Skateboarding and things related to health often don't occur in the same conversation, but are all pro-skaters the same, or do some actually care about their health and do things off their board to skate better and feel better?

Find out what people like P-Rod, Reynolds, Guy Mariano, and others have to say on the topic in the video below!

quotes from the video.

"I noticed a lot of kids get to around 23 or 24 and they start hurting, but they think it's just part of getting older. I want them to realize, like I did, that 23 is young and there's no reason for your body to be sore all the time."


- Paul Rodriguez


"For me, from 28-33 I feel like was some of the best skating of my life, and that's a little older for what most people say. I think it had to do with taking care of myself, eating right, exercising. That stuff changes your skating, you can easily feel like 10 years younger than what you would if you weren't doing that stuff."


- Andrew Reynolds


"We’ve even exercised and gotten personal trainers; stuff like that. And I think that, not in a jockish way, but it’s more for a better lifestyle and to preserve being able to perform at your best on a board. Not even perform, but just—we love skateboarding so much and we want to do it the longest we can."


- Guy Mariano


"Clean up your diet and get more sleep! Diet is so important for longevity. If you want to be able to skate as long as possible, eat quality foods and fuel your body with the nutrients in fruits, veggies and quality protein sources. And get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. With these 2 changes in your life I guarantee your skating will improve as well as your health and well being!"


- Nick Dompierre

"To start off just eat more healthy foods in addition to what you're already eating."


- Chris Cole


"It's never too late to start working on your diet. It starts off with something simple like kicking soda or cutting back on the Oreos."


- Enzo Cautela


"The most valuable lesson that I've learned is that there is no price tag that you can put on feeling good. Physical health is by far the most valuable we have. You've got one of these vehicles - your body - your whole life, and if the vehicle is busted it's not a fun ride."


- Danny way



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