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The most valuable lesson that I've learned is that there is no price tag that you can put on feeling good. You've got one of these vehicles - your body  - your whole life, and if the vehicle is busted, it's not a fun ride. 

- Danny Way

a skateboarder's quarantine survival guide.

We’re in crazy times in the world right now, people all over the world are stuck at home in quarantine. Where I live in Barcelona we’ve all been locked away for the last 2 weeks and things don’t look like they’re changing any time soon. For me, the worst thing about being stuck at home is the fact that I can’t skate, and I’m sure for a lot of skaters that’s their main problem too, along with the fear that when they get back to skating they’re going to have extreme jelly legs and lost all their tricks.

So with this in mind I wanted to make a little quarantine survival guide with 5 tips that will not only keep you feel as fresh as possible for when you get back on your board but if you keep doing them on top of them you'll stay fresh way off into the future too.


Even though we might not be able to physically skate, there are still a lot of things we can do to improve our skating.

1. take time to recover.

So number 1 is to think of this time off your board as a time to recover. A lot of skaters I know complain about regular aches and pains and low energy levels from skating so much without making an effort to recover well. A lot of people don’t realise it’s when you’re recovering, not skating, that your body grows and adapts to handle more skating; it’s when your brain processes the new tricks you’ve been trying and locks them in. If you recover good, you’ll get better at skating much faster.

So think of this time off your board as an opportunity to allow your body to recover and reset. Think of yourself as a large squirrel going into hibernation, preparing to be so on point for when you get out that you could pick up even the hottest squirrel in your neighbourhood.

A solid place to start is with sleep, as it’s the number 1 most effective and practical recovery tool we have. I’ve been going alarmless this quarantine and sleeping almost 9 hours a night, just to get that extra blast of recovery. Reducing stress is also key for recovery so make an effort to chill hard, maybe avoid the news so you don't get caught up in all the fear mongering. Also make an effort to put into practice the other things I’m going to be going over in this article, and if you stay on top of your recovery game when you actually get back on your board, you’ll not only maintain a much higher level of skating and health when you get back on your board, but the chances of falling back into that endless loop of aches and pains into the future will diminish too.

For those who are injured I want to say take time to go hard on your rehab game, do it right, no injury recovers best from complete rest. The hardest thing about rehabbing properly is the fact that you’re just dying to skate and you can’t, so take this opportunity when most people aren’t skating to do the exercises your physio gave you, or if you never saw a physio but you'd like to, check out the SkateHealth Search Engine where you can find physios that skate that do online consultations or get their Instagram links where a lot of them post advice and exercises for different injuries

2. exercise regularly.

If you’re lucky enough to have a space to keep skating then keep doing it. If you’ve got nowhere to skate then keep it in mind that going from regularly skating to no skating at all for weeks is going to give you an extreme case of jelly legs when you get back on your board. It’s not like 4 weeks off your board is going to destroy your skating but doing certain exercises is going to help you maintain the freshness much more than doing nothing.


With that in mind I’ve made a little weekly exercise program that you can razz during quarantine using a blend of some of the different exercise videos I’ve done before.