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the berrics x the daily push | 7 injury rehab

the daily push

The Daily Push recently hooked up with The Berrics to release a collection of NBD articles promoting fresh knowledge into the skate world around health, body pain, recovery, performance and more.


If you didn’t put the info in last week’s article on strength training into action quick enough and now you’re injured, well, no worries, this week we’re talking about injury rehab. Skateboarders are arguably the worst breed of humans when it comes to rehabbing injuries. It’s pretty much unheard of for us to seek medical attention unless our genitals are split open or half our face is hanging off, and if the injury hasn’t reached this level of severity, the rehab process often involves nothing more than a small amount of rest and an extra night of drinking.

Along with many injuries comes a loss of range of motion, strength, balance, muscle control, and timing, etc., things that have a big effect on your skating. Although the body is pretty amazing at healing itself, leaving certain injuries to heal alone without any rehab, or returning to skating too soon before you’re properly recovered, can not only prolong the recovery process, but put you at risk of further injury...

Read more over at or check out the strengthening section of The Daily Push for how you can protect yourself against injury.

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