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I'm in competition with myself and with time and that's it. I'm just trying to push myself everyday to just be better.

 ­­– Brandon Biebel


The very nature of skateboarding is progression. Everyday people are getting more tech, jumping down bigger stuff, grinding bigger rails, every new part someone drops they try to make it better than their last, every time most people go skate they try to learn something new. Everyday skateboarding is growing and evolving, it's constantly progressing and even if every ledge and rail on the planet was nobbed, the progression would just find a different path.


Up until now The Daily Push has been about growth and progression in the realms of health and using that to improve how you skate and how you feel. Now with this section it's going to take it one step further and cover anything and everything that's promoting progression and/or positive change in the skate world - be it people, products, organisations, charities, anything - anything we think is sick, motivational, inspirational and pushing progression in the skate industry. Since I started The Daily Push I've had so many messages from people all over the world who have so many amazing projects and are really trying to make some change in the skate world, some on a small scale, some on a global scale. The goal of this section is to give these projects some light, to show that our skate community is killing it harder than you might have ever imagined and to hype people up and influence people to keep the progression rolling.

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