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the berrics x the daily push | 6 strength training in skateboarding

the daily push

The Daily Push recently hooked up with The Berrics to release a collection of NBD articles promoting fresh knowledge into the skate world around health, body pain, recovery, performance and more.


Alright, this week it’s an awkward one. This week we’re getting into something that’s far from common in the skate world, a topic that’s going to get a lot of resistance, a topic that will go against a lot of people’s feelings about what skateboarding is about. But sack it, we’re doing it. This week we’re talking about the benefits of riding a scooter, how gripping those bars can not only improve your style but... Nah, just messing. This week we’re talking about strength training/exercising/pumping the beef, or whatever you like to call it.

The idea of strength training often generates an image in the mind of some oiled-up dude flexing in a pair of Speedos, however, it isn’t only about public flexing and just a short amount of time each week can not only protect you massively against common injuries, but even help you take a slam and increase your pop. It might not seem like it, as you don’t see many skaters blasting it out in the gym, but skateboarding requires a lot of strength to get you off the ground. The stronger you are the less effort it will take to pop, using up less energy, meaning you can skate for longer without tiring; more strength helps you absorb the impact from jumping down big shit—it means better shock absorption, which will literally help you roll away. And strength training help you to constantly maintain your balance—it can help you hold those mannys for longer. Daewon Song’s ankles are probably so strong he could take down a horse with one kick


Read more over at or head to the strengthening section for more info and a set of exercises for skateboarders.

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